Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 8 | 365

30...the new, er, 20?
Well, I'm not too sure I believe this quite yet, but I have only been 30 for almost 5 days now so maybe that presumption is a little premature. I will say, though, that when the numbers are on a delicious cake they don't look too bad, but I'm still getting used to saying them and seeing them written.

A little about this picture...well, every month we get together and celebrate the birthdays and my mother in law makes our cakes. With each month I seem to find more and more cakes that I have come to love. This year I went with a spice cake with cream cheese frosting...yum, I know! Either way, I love my mother in laws baking among other things and with that I will just say that I am pretty darn lucky to have a mother in law that is a wonderful woman that I can go to for just about anything. ♥

Here's to hoping 30 isn't as bad as they say!


  1. Happy Birthday! I will be turning 30 in June and I am having a hard time with it.

  2. Thanks, Keara! 30 has come way too quickly! I'll let you know how I feel by then. lol