Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 26 | 365

Sweet Dreams
As a mom, I love nap time! Not only does it allow my little one to get the rest that she really needs but it allows me to form a complete thought without hearing a "mommy" every 2 minutes-all you mommy's out there know exactly what I am talking about. With my sweet little ball of energy turning 3 soon and will be making the change out of her baby crib to her big girl bed I needed to make sure I had this sweet picture of her not causing trouble! Kids are so peaceful when asleep and I swear I could have just sat there watching her sleep while wondering what is going through that pretty little mind of hers and what will become of this once 8 lb 11 oz. bald little thing that entered our family nearly 3 years earlier. With some of the turmoil that comes along with parenting, you get these moments of pure heaven when you look into their little faces and know that they are full of love and wonder.

Day 25 | 365

Holy Macro!
Here we are again with my macro shootings. Can I just say that I may not own a macro lens, but I am totally in love with shooting macro photography! I'm really going to have to save my pennies to get me an official lens. Here we have a drop of water sitting on, once again, a tulip. ; )

Day 24 | 365

Keeping with my love of the tulips I continued another shoot with them today only adding some water to the mix. Who doesn't love flowers with some fresh morning dew on them? Ok, well, this wasn't fresh morning dew, but I had to make do with the winter weather we still have here. This is my hopeful thinking for Spring to come very soon.

Day 23 | 365

For the love of flowers
I am trying to get back on track now so please bear with me. =) You will probably see a lot of flowers on here because if you know me, you know I love to shoot flowers when and if I have them in the house. They are also a great tool to continue working on my "poor man's" macro. I love, love, love tulips so when I see them I have to get me a bunch. These were not my favorite ones for the fact that they never really opened up as much as I wanted them to, but their color was so light and pretty and who can't resist a pretty flower. So until the next bunch of flowers makes their way into my home...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Update and Apology

To all my followers of this blog,
I'm sorry I have been slacking on my photo project, well, not really slacking but a lot has been going on lately that has taken a toll on me as well as my family. I have plans on picking up my photos again once things and life gets a little more regulated. I am trying my best to keep doing the photos every day, but I am not able to post them or edit them in a timely fashion. =(

Thanks again for being my loyal followers.