Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2 | 365

I'm off to a good start...2 for 2! I am patting myself on the back! I have a feeling, already, that my family will really get sick of my camera in their face or me having to interrupt conversations to grab my camera so I can capture "that" moment. Oh well, that is what my husband, at least, gets for getting me my new camera. ;)

So, day 2, PANCAKES!! Who doesn't love pancakes! Well, my kids would eat them every day if I was able to get up early enough and motivated to make them! Either way, I have made pancakes many times, yet never thought to photograph them so while my counter was actually clean I figured why not?! Now, don't they make you want to get up and go make some...well, maybe in the morning!

Night all and until Day 3!



  1. I hope the pancakes were made properly as Logan and Lexi know what they like in pancakes...and Logan knows the "SECRET INGREDIENT" that makes them taste good. It also make them photograph better. So if you did not make them correctly, you should remake them again and you'll see how much better your photo will improve as properly made pancakes photograph and taste much better trust me......PANCAKE WIZARD

  2. ha ha ha! Yep, Logan made sure I knew what to put in and I did! I couldn't ruin the pancake experience!