Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 14 | 365

Timeless Treasures
Today we went and visited with my family at my grandparents house. I hadn't done my photo of the day yet to that point so I still needed something, but have recently started getting mind blocks on what to photograph. I know I have been completely overthinking things, but just like writing and other art forms you always come to some dead I just had to turn around and just observe my surroundings while I back track some steps to choose a different path. With that, I made sure my point and shoot was in my purse just in case something struck me and yelled "Take my picture"! =) Well, that kind of happened. I have been to my grandparents house plenty of times, but when you get older you start looking at things a lot differently. Everything that is in my grandparents house brings up a ton of great memories that will always be close to my heart like going through my grandma's closet to pick out which shoes I wanted to wear that visit or getting out the wired rack on wheels (our cart) and go grocery shopping in her kitchen and using her big adding machine to do our checkout. Then there were the simple things like when I slept over and shared the bed with my grandma, we would simply use a flashlight and portray a sunrise and the hours of the day by where the "sun" would be across the ceiling. So, going into my grandmother's bedroom has now taken the turn to "Wow, this piece of furniture is over 60 years old and still beautiful". This is why these little things are part of my photo a day...the way of living back 80-90 years ago was so simple and seemed less complicated and it was the little things that were important and not how much something costs or the brand name. Life today is about who has the most money and who has the best and newest that really how we want to look back and remember our lives? I know I don't want to look back and think, Damn, I wasted that much time for what, while missing out on the things that really count.

These photos represent that you are not defined by the things you have or will have, but the memories that come with them. Also, the photo is of my Grandmother's mother, who happens to have the same birthday as Lexi. I am so glad that I used this photo today and it now has a story to go along with it.


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