Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5 | 365

Happy Sickie Birthday...
Well, nothing says Happy 30th Birthday (yes I said the number) like puking and presents! How could I choose between my sick little girl and a brand new camera bag, well, I couldn't so you get both! Here we thought that we got through Logan getting a terrible bought of the stomach flu that lasted over a week and here we are with another one. I am still holding on to the little hope that it will only last a couple days...that hope may only be millimeters thick but hope none the less! I will say my kids have great timing, though. =) Either way, it is/was my birthday so my hubby, the great man that he is, got me this well needed camera bag since my new camera seemed to grow in size compared to my rinky dink rebel. I still have a dear attachment to that rebel since we had some great times together, but I have to admit that I am in LOVE with my new "baby"! I have a feeling we will make great music, err, photos together! Now, that I finally got up my photo today I think I am going to go catch some zzz's before my little girl wakes up and needs me. ♥