Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6 | 365

Poor Man's Macro
So today I ventured outside with my camera in hand and lens turned around (hence the poor man's macro) in an attempt to capture my first snowflake. Well, I have to say that these aren't the best, but this whole project is about seeing my growth in photography, right? I figured before the year is up we will have another snowfall and hopefully I will have my macro lens by then! *HINT* *HINT* to my hubby reading this! ; ) Either way, I think these turned out decent for having to hold a loose lens steady while trying to feel my fingers! I have a feeling that I will love macro shooting when I actually have a lens in my hand, but until then it is Poor Man's Macro for me and I'm not ashamed of it-lenses aren't cheap! lol Who knew that snowflakes actually look like those paper ones you made back in grade know, the ones where you fold a piece of paper 12 times and cut endless amounts of "holes" in them and when you unfold it you end up with a beautiful snowflake. Me, personally, never knew they actually looked so intricate in real like until I saw my first snowflake photographed by a fellow photographer who happens to have one of them fancy dancy Macro lenses I was talking about!

Hope you enjoy looking at my photos and off I go to actually accomplish something around this house since apparently I have completely lost track of days this week and need to get something done around here!

Enjoy and thanks for looking!


  1. These are definitely good photos! I haven't attempted a poor man's macro yet, but I'm sure it's in my future too. Nice work!

    Did you do that story board yourself or did you download it somewhere?

  2. I think they're great!! I want a macro really bad too, but I know it'll be a while for me!! Hope you get yours soon!! :)

  3. I love macro photos and these are really neat! Can this be done with any lens?

  4. Thanks, Tori!

    @ Tracy- Thanks and yes. I used my 50mm 1.4 reversed for this. I have also used my other lenses for macro shots. It just takes a really steady hand. They do make rings to hold the lens onto the camera, but I'm too cheap. lol Give it a can google "reverse macro" and it can give some more info! =)